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GreCon Spark Detection & Extinguishment System Control Console- Remote Control

GreCon Control Consoles - Remote control
Remote control with BS7 NET for all control consoles in your facility

In big production plants, several control consoles can be distributed in different plant areas. With the new network technology BS 7 Net, their signals can be recorded exactly to the millisecond by a single computer. BS 7 Net allows installation of control consoles of the CC 7000 and CC 5000 series in control rooms in the appropriate plant areas. No space is required in control stations, and cable distances between sensors and extinguishments to the control console at the operator place can be reduced to a minimum. This safes costs for the installation! The decentralised architecture provides easy maintenance. The ringed topology of the network provides high availability.

BS 7 Net allows easily understandable visualization of current incidents in the system. The operation staff can easily operate the system and react to current alarm incidents much faster. Essential operation is, for example, the acknowledgement of alarms or the clear administration of zone disablings!

New Features and Benefit

  • the entire network can be synchronised to a defined (also external) time
  • Linkage of 25 control consoles, type CC 7000 and CC 5000, with up to 1000 zones
  • 1 server for up to 10 clients within a company network
  • short cable distances between sensors, extinguishments and the control console at the operator place
  • Central evaluation of all control consoles
  • Complete visualisation in the control station


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